About Us

Y-NOT has been created by Ken and Margi Leech where we source and sell things that we find fun and that make us smle!

We are very pleased to have the rights to manufacture and sell a range of products that use the "Pets Rock" characters, and you will soon be seeing an attractive range of mugs and cushions featuring the fabulous characters that are Pets Rock.

Our mission is to create a business that can one day employ people with intellectual disabilities.  We have a child of our own with Down Syndrome and so have a heart for seeing people with disabilities being able to find fulfilling employment and making a contribution in some way.  So please support us by purchasing our products and as we grow bigger, we will then be able to start fulfilling this mission.

Some sites we like:

  • www.petsrock.nz - a direct link to the Pets Rock product available from YNOT in NZ and Australia
  • www.websitebuilder.nz - the best e-commerce website builder around and which powers this site
  • www.numicon.co.nz - the best maths programme for children, particularly those with special needs