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  • Pets Rock Cushions
    Our range of Pets Rock cushions are stunning works of art that will enhance any living room or bedroom.
  • Pets Rock Mugs With Gift Boxes
    Enjoy these wonderful characters on a 9oz mug along with a matching gift box. A great gift or a special treat for yourself.
  • Crazy Socks
    Sock It to Me is a range of fun, funky socks — socks with cats, ninjas, beer, moustaches, flying pigs, and monkeys.
  • Pets Rock Aprons
    There is a Pets Rock apron for everyone! "Master of the Microwave" makes the perfect gift for that person in your life where reheating last night's dinner is the extent of their cooking prowess. Or maybe "Divinely Inspired" for that royal person in your life who does indeed cook up a right royal treat.
  • Pets Rock Bags
    Our Pets Rock bag features some of our favourite characters - "Gurl", "Teenager", "Twerk", "Songbird", "Pop" and "GG" and will delight any fan of pop music. In stock now.